Order Intake:  When you arrive with your catch, we ask that you have everything sorted by species and gutted.  This includes separating salmon by Spring, Pink, Coho, Chum and Sockeye.  We will weigh and record the quantity of your catch by species.  After we complete the order intake, we will provide you with an order receipt. Please maintain this receipt until pick-up.  Please note: we can not accept filleted fish under our seafood processing license and to protect the operation of our vacuum machines, we can not accept vacuum bags from customers.

Processing:  At your request we will process your catch in either 1lb, 1.5lbs, 2lb, Half side (4 pieces per fish), full side (2 pieces per fish) or whole packages, vacuum seal and freeze. 

Order Pick-up:  Please arrive on-time for your pick-up as we will do a count, weigh your species and go over your recovery with you. Pick-up's are scheduled in 30 minute intervals to accommodate the requirements under the fisheries act. Pick-up's are a first come first book. We are now offering pre-booking online. Please go to Book online, to secure your pick-up time.

Shipping:  Shipping can be a challenge in the North. Purolator no longer ships perishables, Fed-Ex only has a depot in Prince Rupert, we no longer have Greyhound service and Air Canada no longer takes air cargo.  Our options are limited. At the moment, if shipping within BC we can ship using Clark Freightways.  Please check online if they have a depot in your area that has freezer storage.  If you are shipping outside of BC, we use Clark to take the packages to Fed Ex in Richmond and then use 2 day priority shipping through Fed Ex.  Please note: there is a cost to ship it to Richmond and then a cost to ship it with Fed Ex.

*Current filleting rate (includes 1lb, 1.5lb, 2lb, full side, half side, whole) is $2.10 per lb on intake weight plus bags which range from $1.65 to $2.75 depending on your packaging request.